Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How to Stop Panic Attacks - 5 Ways to Escape From Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks and Anxiety can be a pain in the ass if it is not controlled properly. Some people have been suffering from it ever since they were young, whereas some may have just gotten it recently. Nonetheless, it is always safe and good to learn how to stop panic attacks without relying on drugs and medication.

Awareness - Awareness is important, as when an attack occurs, at least you are aware of it. Keep this in mind, Panic Attack can happen to anyone, from the unhealthy to healthy ones, from the young to old, male and female.
Deep-Breathing - Practice deep breathing is one of the essential skills needed. Deep breathing allows you to calm your mind and body during an attack. Breathe in deeply for 3 slow counts, hold your breathe for 3 slow counts, and breathe out for 3 slow counts. Keep doing this until you feel calm. Personally, I love this step. When I was still suffering from Panic Attacks, I always do deep breathing as it calms me down both physically and mentally.
Know The Symptoms - When you are in a war, or even a game of chess, the winner of the game will always be the one whom knows his opponent inside out. Same goes to you. One of the ways you need in order to learn how to stop Panic Attacks is to understand the symptoms of it clearly. When a symptom arouses, you would be equipped with the knowledge of it, and you would know how to go about it.
Stay Positive - Although it is easier said then done, but staying positive is one of the many ways to stop panic attacks. Learning how to stay positive is one of the most crucial steps you have to remember if you want to learn how to stop Panic Attacks. When an attack comes, tell yourself that it will pass. Do not ever let those wild thoughts of yours get into you. Imagine that one day you would be un-cuffed from your suffering, and free life that you would lead. Let that be a motivation for you. Make it reality, and not a dream.
Avoid Unnecessary Stress - Do not stress yourself out for no reason, as stress is one of the major triggers for Panic Attacks. Learn how to stop Panic Attacks by managing your stress. If you have to say No to something to prevent getting stressed, then do it. If you have to put some work aside as you're feeling tired, do it. Don't force yourself to do something which would end up worsening your condition. It's just not worth it.
Read this 5 steps again and again, equip yourself with the knowledge of what these disorders are about. It can be either you, a friend or a family member suffering from it. At the end of the day, you would be the one having the last laugh when you get cured.

Do not ever give up. I was once a victim of it and I know exactly how you might feel about it. The feeling of helplessness, feeling of weakness. It is natural to feel that way, but do not ever let it get to you. Tell yourself that you can get through it.

Always remain in control. Control your emotions and thoughts, and not the other way round. Be in control of situations even if you are experiencing excruciating pain. It's difficult, I know, but it has to be done. Having the mentality of not giving up, and tell yourself that you MUST get rid of that disorder everyday in the morning will increase your chance of recovering by 85%. No, I'm not joking.

Don't fight your war against Panic Attack and Anxiety without equipping yourself with the tools you need.

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